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IP Reconnaissance

Let’s take a real live scenario that all of you face on daily bases. Your competitor manufactures products covered by claims of US or foreign patent. Your company or a company that you plan to acquire is very well positioned to manufacture the same product of higher quality and for much less than your competitor. If you proceed doing so there is a very high likelihood that your company will be sued by your competitor for patent infringement. You think that it is a dead end and there is no way out. You are mistaken. Remember that even if patent(s) is granted to your competitor it does not mean that patent(s) is valid and patent subject matter is novel. There is a chance that the same technology was published, for example, in Russian or Japanese technical magazine or was available in public domain years before your competitor applied for the patent(s) in the United Sates or elsewhere. If claims are found to be invalid then you are free to manufacture the same product for less or import the product from other countries thereby increasing value of your company and making profit. Inventa Capital will conduct our IP Reconnaissance, develop various strategies and implement these strategies for you.

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