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Inventing New Technologies

Inventa Capital is proud to be the only firm to offer services of inventing new technologies and providing full patent protection for the invented technologies for our clients. All we require from our clients is to identify technical area(s) of interest and our professionals will do the rest. Unlike other companies that call themselves “technology transfer” companies trying hard to either sell or license your company inventions of others, we do not see how this approach provides your company with value and benefit. We take a totally different and much more reasonable and cost effective approach. We invent new, marketable, and breakthrough technologies for your business. After our clients identify the area of interest, we conduct investigation and research of existing technologies available and controlling the market today, conduct study of the competitors’ technology and invent totally new technologies for you. All inventions are assigned to our clients and become their Intellectual Property.

Below are just some examples of typical clients that will benefit from our unique services:

  • Company with technology that is not marketable and costly to manufacture;
  • Company desiring to raise capital by introducing new product(s) thereby increasing value of the business;
  • Company under risk of becoming a target of a corporate takeover and requires to raise funds to fight the takeover attempt;
  • Company or private entrepreneur with interest in developing new technology but unable to do so due to lack of innovators capable in inventing new technologies;
  • Company with existing but stagnating engineering staff and R&D department not capable of thinking creatively and developing new breakthrough technologies.
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