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CTPI – Creative Thinking and Practical Implementation

CTPI System is process of teaching how to invent new breakthrough technologies, which is the most precious and strategically important tool in corporate arsenal that will help start up companies and existing companies to break through in the market with new technologies and products and lead the market. CTPI System is a future of technological creativity. CTPI System is much more advanced version of TRIZ, a first method of innovation and solving problems introduced by the Soviet inventor and Patent Examiner Genrich Altshuller in 1946, translated as “Theory of Solving of Inventive Problems”.

Contrary to TRIZ, which uses abstract solutions and enables you to access specific existing solutions to innovate or solve problems, CTPI System is the next and much more advanced method, which teaches skills of how to think creatively and invent completely different, more advanced and breakthrough technologies.

Contrary to CREAX, another approach which finds new markets for existing solutions but does not teach the methods of inventing more advanced and breakthrough technologies, CTPI System takes the human mind far and beyond what TRIZ and CREAX currently offer.

CTPI System was invented by one of our team members, a prominent inventor, former Patent Examiner at Patent Office of Russian Federation, and author of hundreds of inventions, who immigrated to United States from Soviet Union.

CTPI System is aimed at upper corporate management teams, Intellectual Property managers, in-house patent attorneys, Innovative Directors, technical engineers, designers, product developers, those involved in the development of products and processes, members of R&D department. For your convenience Inventa Capital provides training at your location anywhere in the world.

CTPI System is presented to our clients in five parts:

1. Basics of Creative Thinking

You will learn how to use all your technical and science knowledge and experience to think creatively, identify the problem of existing technologies, either proprietary or technologies of your competitors, and invent totally new and breakthrough inventive concepts.

2. Practical Implementation

You will learn on real example, i.e. one of your existing inventions, how to invent and design a new but completely different and more advanced technologies.

3. Prior Art Search

You will learn how to conduct a prior art search using databases of US and foreign patent offices, Internet search engines, and how to create effective search string comprised of terms, search classes, and combination thereof.

4. Isolating patentable novelty

You will learn how to analyze prior art references uncovered during the prior art search and how to isolate novelty of your invention and determine if the invention is patentable over the prior art reference(s).

5. Basics of patent prosecution

You will learn basics of patent prosecution such as types of patent applications, parts of a patent application and meaning/purpose of each part, prosecution of the patent application after it is filed.

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